FREE JibJab Videos ~ Several Available NOW!

FREE JibJab Videos ~ Several Available NOW!

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I can’t resist these Personalized Free JibJab Videos!

If you are looking for FREE JibJab Videos  there are a few of them available right now. Unfortunately the ones that are available are not Christmas JibJab eCards! If you want to check out how much fun the Christmas JibJab eCards could be to send to your family and friends you can always play around with one of the JibJab FREE eCards! If you like these then JibJab has a great promotion right now where you can SAVE 50% off of the App pricing with an annual subscription price of $24. Instead just pay $18 with the discount and you can send Unlimited JibJab eCards for entire year. That will cost you way less than traditional Holiday Cards! Check out the list of the available JibJab Free Videos below! Just click the link below to get started with your annual subscription you won’t regret it!

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There are several personalized Free JibJab Videos. I love these and actually did a JibJab Free post about these a while ago. They are offering a couple of these Free that you can create and post to your own or your friends’ Facebook page. You can check out all of the great JibJab eCards HERE!

First up on the list of Free JibJab Videos is the Can-Can JibJab eCard. Click on the image below and use the search box to search for Can-Can which is FREE!

Free JibJab Videos

The second FREE Jib Jab Video is the PB & J eCard. Click on the image below and use the search box to search for the PB & J eCard which is FREE!

FREE Jib Jab

The third of the FREE JibJab Videos is a little more risque! Click on the image below and use the search box to search for the Chippendales Dance eCard which is FREE and will heat things up!

FREE JibJab Videos
There are a few more FREE JibJab Videos available. Just scroll through the list of JibJab eCards and look for the red FREE banner on the video! If you like what you see consider taking advantage of the great 25% off deal going on right now and pick up an annual subscription. Save a stamp and send out Christmas JibJab eCards instead!


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