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Personalized JibJab Videos or Ecard – Free

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I can’t resist these Personalized JibJab Videos!

There are several personalized JibJab Videos that are free.  I love these and actually did a post about these about a week ago.  They are offering a couple of these Free that you can create and post to your own or your friends’ Facebook page. You can check out all of the great JibJab eCards HERE!

First on the FREE list is a holiday Ecard where you can type your personalized message and then create your dancing elf. Click on the image below and go to Holiday eCards and you’ll find Elf Madness which is FREE!

Personalized JibJab

There’s also an awesome gangnam style video that is free.  This one tickles me.  I made one of these and personalized it with a picture of Tommy and I think I’ve watched it 10 times and laugh every time. I then posted it on Facebook so everyone else could laugh at him too.  He’s such a great sport!  To make the Free Gangnam Style video, click on the picture below and then click the gangnam style tab.

Personalized JibJab

These are the only two personalized JibJab items that I found to be free.  After I did mine, I started looking at the other videos and I was hooked.  I paid my $12 annual membership fee and I began creating videos of friends and family.  My mom and mother-in-law became disco dancers and musical elves, my kids and their friends played roles in the farting version of the Nutcracker (I know, I’m warped).  I just can’t stop!!


JibJab Gangnam style

I may need to find me a JibJab anonymous group… Hi, my name is Michelle and I’m a JibJabaholic. Are you?

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