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Organize Spices and Seasoning Packets – Household Hint

Household hint: Organize Spices, Don’t throw out that old hanging shoe organizer!

I have always struggled to organize spices in my pantry.  I’ve finally figured out the perfect solution for me!

Most of us have one of those over the door shoe racks that started out as a great idea to organize your shoes and get them off the floor.  I had one prior to my wonderful hubby giving my closet a much needed overhaul. I wasn’t thrilled with it as a shoe rack and would find my shoes falling out on the floor anyway when the door opened and shut. Also, my bulkier shoes just didn’t fit in the pockets easily.

Some of you may have one and find it’s perfectly fine, but if you’re like me and realized it wasn’t/isn’t the best solution for your shoes then don’t throw it away!! Those packets of seasoning (you know, the ones that we always have trouble figuring how to neatly store) fit perfectly in the pockets!

I no longer have an over the door hanging shoe rack because I have an over the pantry door hanging spice rack and seasoning packet organizer instead!

Hubby used to chuckle as I organized and reorganized the pantry, always trying to figure out what to do with these seasoning packets so I knew what I had.  Well chuckle at this, buddy! 

Seasoning Packet Organization idea

I also found you can even use some of the pockets to lay the bottled spices sideways facing out so you can see them all.  About 3 standard size spice bottles fit in each pocket safely without the danger of falling out.

Organize Spices

Even those gigantic containers of spices that you get from membership clubs fit!

Hanging spice rack
I just thought I’d throw out that household hint in case you were contemplating the garbage can for your hanging shoe racks new home!  I wasn’t a fan of the shoe rack but definitely love it as a spice rack!

Even if you don’t already have one that you can convert, you can pick up one from Amazon for between $9 – $20 (if you are a  member  of Amazon Prime you can get FREE 2 Day Shipping in plenty of time to get organized for the holidays) . If you’re going to order one, be sure to measure the width of the door you are going to hang it on to make sure it clears the doorknob!  Some of these are wider than others. You can order one HERE!

Do you have a perfect solution to an ordinary problem or even an  UN -ordinary solution to a perfect problem?  Share it  in the comments!

  • Sylvia Elmore Zajis

    I really like this idea, I would have never thought of it.
    Great use of wasted space on the back of the door, I know what this weekend’s project is going to be. 🙂

    • I hope you were able to complete your project Sylvia! I hated using my shelf space for a mess of spice bottles that I could never find when I wanted one. This was the perfect use of space and I can see everything!

  • Priscilla S.

    Great idea! I have so many little spice bottles stacked in my cabinet. It would be so nice to have them all organized and visible at the same time.

    • I love it, Priscilla! I’ve kept my spices and packets much more organized this way and it’s so nice to have them all in view!

  • coupontammy

    I have seen this done for the seasoning packets but not for the spice jars. I love it! I hate having all those spice jars in the cabinet and having to dig through them all to find the one I want. This way you can see what you have on hand. Thanks for the tip!

  • Very clever! I’m in a organizing mood lately, maybe it’s spring cleaning! Going out with the old and coming in with the new! I love organization!

  • anelson1974

    Excellent idea! Now maybe I can keep better track of them!

  • What a great idea! Thanks! I save many things thinking I will find a use for them sooner or later…this is a good one!

    • I do that too Joanne. I think it drives my husband crazy sometimes! I did love this idea and it’s still working perfectly for us! It’s nice to not have that mess taking up shelves in my pantry.

  • Angela Cash

    This is brilliant! Thank you for sharing the tip. I already have an extra shoe organizer and it will fit perfectly on the back of the pantry door.

  • SB Contest

    Genius! So true about those shoe racks. Great concept, bad follow-through. Pinning!