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Kroger Shopping Trip 84% Savings

 Kroger Shopping Haul  Saved over 84% with Mega Sale Items!

I have to admit that we don’t shop much at Kroger these days but the Kroger Mega Sale sparked my interest to attempt a Kroger Shopping Trip. This was not our best savings and we could have probably worked a few different items in instead of some much salsa but we were down to our last one and I go through a ton of salsa as a topping on my salads.  We really figured it would be a good test in a Kroger store we had never couponed at before!

The items below are listed at the receipt price before the $5 off with each 10 items purchased but the participating items are denoted with a *.


 Here’s what we bought today for a net cost of $17.66:

kroger shopping


10 Zatarain’s Rice or Pasta Dinner Mix (reg $1.89)  @ $1.49 *


10 Reach Floss (reg $1.07) @  $0.95  *


8 Heluva Good Dips (reg $1.99)  @ $1.49  *


6 Allens Vegetables, Select Varieties 15.5 to 15.25 oz (reg $1.19) @ $0.99 *


14 Pace Picante Sauce  (reg $3.19)  @ $1.99 *


2 Kelloggs PopTarts Oat Delight Strawberry @ $2.07  *


2 Carnation Breakfast Essentials @ $4.69 ( posted this earlier  but could not find the sugar free kind. I hope some of you can! )


* Received $25.00 off for 50 qualifying Mega Sale items! Surprised

We ended up paying $20.66 at the register, received $1.00 Catalina back, and also received $2.00 deposit in our ibotta account so the $111.44 worth of groceries we purchased cost us $17.66 for over 84% savings off the retail prices.  Not a bad attempt at a Kroger trip!