Kindermint ~ Get Paid for Cleaning Out Your Child's Closet!

Kindermint ~ Get Paid for Cleaning Out Your Child’s Closet!

Kindermint will pay you for those perfectly good outgrown children’s clothes!

As you’re going through kid’s closets and pulling out all those outgrown clothes, try sending them to Kindermint instead of throwing them out or giving them away.  Not only will they pay you for clothes that are in mint condition, they’ll provide the box and pay the shipping!


Kindermint provides a copy of your appraisal which details what was accepted and what was not, with explanation as to why if there are any rejections. Clothing that is evaluated as “premium”, meaning in-demand, top brand and in excellent condition, will earn more money than lower-end brand and quality items. Note that they only accept size 12 months through size 8.

I’m the first one to advocate donating  to charity, but we all have those hardly worn kids clothes that we know could generate a little added cash so why not do both? Those items that do not meet their quality standards are donated to charity and they provide you with a Receipt of Donation for tax write off purposes.

One last thing… I did see that they require a deposit of $4.95 for the box that they then refund when they receive it.  Sounds reasonable to help avoid sending out too many that may go unused. 

  • Kamaya

    I’m going to pass this information on to family and friends. Thanks for the tip!

  • Thank you for this information. I have never knew or even heard of this company before. I am definitely going to pass this information along. I wish I would have known of this when my son was younger. Thanks again.

  • Tim

    Kindermint — what a great idea! Having a site that is set up especially for selling your kids’ clothes — great idea! I will be forwarding this post to my niece (who’s a new Mom)…thanks!