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Kelloggs Family Rewards: New Code

Kellogg's Family Rewards

Join the Kelloggs Family Rewards Program and use the codes below to get started earning points!

Here is a new code that will score you 25 points and there are more codes at the bottom of the post!!


Kelloggs Family Rewards is a rewards program offered by Kellogg’s for purchasing their products! Simply click the image above to register, then collect codes from specially marked Kellogg’s Family Rewards products.

Accumulate your points and redeem for gift cards, coupons, movie passes and more! You can also redeem your points for printable coupons by clicking the ‘Promotions and Coupons’ tab, then click ‘Online Coupons’.

You are eligible to enter 20 codes per day from various Kellogg’s products. The product code values range from 80 to 250 depending on the product and size purchased!

Below are the free coupon codes that will get you started earning points!

NOTE: If you found this post through a search, click here to make sure you are looking at the most recent KFR post. If you find codes on that one that are expired, please let us know on that post! Thanks!



And get  another free code  from  Walmart’s Facebook Page  . These codes are unique, so if you have a Facebook friend that gets a code but is not participating in the program then they can give it to you to use!

Do you know of another free code to use or another place that you can generate one? Let us know in the comments!  (product codes that you find on your products are unique so don’t post those since they won’t work for other users after you’ve used them :))

  • They have some of the Qs for 100 points this morning: $1.50/Morningstar, $1.50 Kelloggs cereal, $1.50 Keebler crackers and a few more. Thanks for enough codes to get some. Jo