Gangnam Style Video – Make your own free!

 Gangnam Style – Make your own personalized video at JibJab!

UPDATED: You can check out all of the NEW December 2014 Holiday JibJab eCards HERE! We just did a new post featuring Valentines Day Card Ideas ~ Starring You from JibJib ! So if you are looking for Valentines day eCard ideas be sure and check it out HERE!  NEW UPDATE: If you’re looking for other JibJab holiday ecard posts like the New Mothers Day ecard and videos post, just click the JibJab tag link at the top of this post. You can get all the JibJab posts that way! I made a Gangnam Style video of Tommy and I laugh every time I see it!  I love these!  He was part of a flash mob at the Saavy Blogging Summit a couple months ago where he had to TRY to do this dance.  He’s come a long way since then! 

JibJab Gangnam style

Head over to the JibJab site to make your own Gangnam Style video.  You’re friends and family will love it!  You can then upload it to their Facebook wall for a good laugh!

Gangnam Style video

Warning – you may become addicted to these videos but only the Gangnam style is FREE!    I made another video of my son and his friends. After I did all the work, I went to post it to my son’s facebook page (my boys have learned to deal with my warped sense of humor), it went to a payment form where I could become a member for $12 for the year.  I happened to have just received a rebate gift card in the mail so I couldn’t resist!  I just wanted to give you some warning so you don’t get sucked in like I did. haha

Warped sense of humor

And then I made a disco video  and  an elf video featuring my mom and mother-in-law!  I told you these are addictive!


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