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Frusion C-Charged Deal ~ Rebate plus coupon = $1 Moneymaker just about anywhere!

Frusion C-Charged Deal

Frusion C-Charged Deal ~ $1 Moneymaker at Publix or anywhere?

There is a great Frusion C-Charged deal right now at Publix (or anywhere that sells these for under $3.99). In the new grocery advantage flyer 4-Packs of Frusion C-Charged are on sale for 2/$5 (or $2.50 each). Pair the sale price with a printable manufacturers coupon and a Try Me FREE Rebate (Up to $3.99) and you will have a $1 MONEYMAKER on 1-4 pack! Actually, since the try me free rebate is up to $3.99, this should be a MM anywhere as long as the cost is $3.99 or less!

Here is the Deal at Publix:

Buy 1 4-pack of Frusion C-Charged @ $2.50 –

Cost $2.50 Less $1.00 Manf. Coupon and $2.50 Mail-In-Rebate = $1.00 MONEYMAKER!

I believe Target and Walmart both sell these for $2.99. I’m not sure of the pricing in other stores but I believe most have these in the $3 – $3.50 range!