FREE Money to Spend at Kmart ($5 in FREECASH!)

FREE Money to Spend at Kmart ($5 in FREECASH!)

FREE Money to Spend at Kmart ($5 in FREE CASH!)

WOO HOO! Do you want some free money to spend at Kmart or Sears? Right now, you can head over to Shop Your Way and get up to $5.00 in FREE CASH (and possibly more!) All you have to do is enter the FREE CASH FUN GAME *You may have to search for “FREE CASH” * – It  It literally took me less than 1 minute! $5.00 isn’t bad for less than 1 minute of work!  Both my sis and I did it and I received $5.00 and she received $5.00 in our accounts! We both had to log out and log back in for our points to show. (It took a little while for the points to show up so be patient!)

I am not sure how long this will be available so don’t wait to do it! Go NOW!

Look below to find the easy step by step directions!

This is how to snag your Surprise Points:

  1. Sign up or log into your Shop Your Way account!
  2. Make sure you choose The Couponing Couple as your Personal Shopper! (Hey, we won’t actually be shopping for you but we will be able to continue bringing you HOT deals and ways to get FREE SYW points to use like money when you shop at Sears and Kmart!)
  3. Head over to enter the FREE CASH- The FREE CASH FUN GAME instant win
  4. Follow the steps to get up to $5.00 in FREE CASH!
  5.  You can check your Surprise Points here. Allow up to 30 minutes for your points to show in your account. (Log out and log back in to get them to show up!) (NOTE: Mine didn’t show up as points – it showed up as free cash!)
  6. You can use your SYW rewards online or you can use them in the store!