Couponing at Publix ~ All this for $1.03

Couponing at Publix ~ All this for $1.03

Couponing at Publix is awesome once again!

We started our shopping day by couponing at Publix and it was a super start! We ended up with over $44 for just a $1.  Tommy had his debit card ready to swipe (out of habit) until I nudged him a little. I was ready to pull some change out of my purse but he managed to scrounge up enough on his own. Wink


We still had some of the sunlight coupons that we printed last month plus it had reset so we were able to print more to go with the awesome 50% off deal on the Sunlight that started today. (New Flyer) The Sunlight savings club coupon also reset so we were each able to get one of those higher value coupons too!  If you haven’t signed up for the Saving’s Club, they’re offering 30 days free for new signups.


Here’s what we bought today at Publix...

$44.44 worth of items for $1.03

That’s almost 98% saved

Couponing at Publix


This List Has Expired

What awesome deals did you find at Publix?

Coupon question

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  • When do the Sunlight coupons expire?

    • Mich_TCC

      The Publix coupon for the dishwashing detergent expires 4/21 but I think the printable manufacturer coupons have a rolling expiration date. I am thinking the ones I printed expired 5/9

      • Thanks! Have you used the dishwashing detergent? My husband is a bit of a Cascade snob! LOL

        • Mich_TCC

          No, this will be my first time for the dishwasher… how about filling up the cascade bag with the Sunlight soap squares or tell him to close his eyes and think Cascade. Lol!

  • Kamaya

    I’ve never used sunlight before, but I believe I saw this at dollar tree or I’m willing to give it a try for free. I hope the coupon is still available. Btw, nice shopping trip!