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  • my coupons did not print I down loaded the software but no coupon can you help me pls

    • Perhaps you have virus software that is not allowing you to execute the coupon printer or you may need to try using a different browser (chrome, IE or firefox). I often have to switch browsers when printing different coupons.

      • What does it mean when it says clipped! Does that mean its been sent to your cvs card?

        • These are coupons com printable coupons on this page so when it says clipped it means you have selected that one to print when you hit the red print button. You can select one or many by “clipping” them and then hit the print button to print those you clipped. If you just clip them they do nothing until you “print” and then you take them to the store to use just like coupons from your Sunday paper inserts that you use.

  • I can not get my coupons to print error

  • I am getting the following error “Request-URI Too Long”. I have tried using Chrome and FireFox for finding zip code specific coupons. Anyone else having this issue?