Coupon Abbreviations and Lingo ~ Welcome to the Language of Couponing

Coupon Abbreviations

Need a Reference for All Those Couponing Terms? Get Help From This List of Coupon Abbreviations and Lingo.

There are so many coupon terms, couponing abbreviations and slang words used in the world of couponing that it can get quite confusing. These couponing terms seem like another language when you’re just starting out.  What does it all mean?

We’ve put together an alphabetical list of most of the couponing terms and lingo associated with couponing.  

Click on the letter to take you to that section or simply scroll through the page!


If you have any suggestions or questions on a coupon term that we have not covered, please feel free to add them in the comments


  • $0.50/1, $1/1  – Fifty cents off one item, one dollar off one item, etc
  • $1/2, $2/2 – One dollar off 2 items, Two dollars off two items, etc
  • 2/$1, 3/$1 – Two for a dollar, three for a dollar, etc

letter a

  • AC – after coupon
  • ALA – As Low As – Best case scenario, depending on which coupon you use and what the sale price is the price will be as low as…
  • Aldi – a global discount supermarket chain – more

all You

  •   ALL YOU  – ALL YOU MAGAZINE full of Manufacturer coupons and great articles. This magazine comes out monthly and even has a list of the coupons with the page numbers they are on! NOTE: N
  • Amazon Amazon is the worlds largest online retailer headquartered in Seattle – more
  • AR – after rebate – the cost of the item after you receive your rebate
  • ASAV – Any Size, Any Variety


letter b

  • B&M – Brick and Mortar meaning a physical store/building (as opposed to online shopping) 
  • B1G1 – Buy one get one. Usually stands for buy one get one FREE but sometimes followed by other wording such as B1G1 50% off which means buy one get another at the 50% discount 
  • B2G1 – Buy 2 get 1. Same idea as the B1G1 
  • Balanced Couponing – fraud (see also Glittering / Glitter couponing glitching and creative couponing) – A made up term to justify incorrect and fraudulent use of coupons. By exploiting Manufacturers’ coding format weaknesses and/or errors, coupons are abused by being used on items they are not meant for because they will scan at the register. (for example, Using a higher value coupon on a smaller or single item to get it for free) This may include use on improper sizes, forms, or products made by a manufacturer. This is NOT a proper way to use coupons. Please follow all restrictions in the wording of the coupons and product descriptions.
  • Beep – Sometimes the register will beep when a coupon is scanned indicating that the computer is not auto deducting that amount. This indicates that the cashier may need to take action such as entering in the price. 
  • Berry CartBerry Cart is a free smart phone app – users earn cash for products purchased. Offers tend to be healthy offers


  • Blinkie – Coupons dispensed from a small box strategically placed on store shelves near products. These dispensers usually having blinking lights, hence their name. Once you remove a coupon it then spits out another. 
  • BOGO – Buy one get one. Another way of writing the B1G1 as stated above 
  • BOLO – Be On the Look Out
  • Boost – Term made popular by the Hopster coupon site. Boosting a coupon means to increase the value of the coupon. (see Hopster below)


  • Bricks – in the coupon world this refers to a certain internet printable coupon that can be printed twice. The word “bricks” will be in the web address. Once you print, you can hit the back arrow on your browser and refresh to print your second coupon. Some bricks coupons are available by mail. Click help at the bottom of the bricks page and it will bring up a form if it is available to be mailed. 
  • BRP – Balance Reward Points. Reward points earned at Walgreens drug stores that can be redeemed at register to pay for transaction.

box tops

  • BTFE Box Tops for Education is a program to earn money for our schools, most popularly by collecting a small pink label from participating products. Schools can earn money by submitting these. The site also offers printable coupons .
  • BTW – By the way – Chat language usually used on comments and message board posts
  • Bump – To comment or reply on a thread or post in order to move it to the top of the social group or forum.



letter c

  • Cartwheel – Target Discounts in the form of % off certain items.  This can be used via Smartphone app or printing the list and barcode on paper. This can be used at Target stores as a discount in addition to both a manufacturer coupon and a store coupon. The % is calculated on the item price less any Target coupon but before the price is discounted by the manufacturer coupon.


  • Catalina/CAT – refers to a coupon from a machine next to the cash register that dispenses coupons after your cash register receipt prints. These can usually be used like cash on your next purchase. If they say “manufacturer’s coupon” you can usually use them at other stores.
  • CBAD – abbreviation for Chef Boyardee products
  • Checkout 51 –  checkout 51 is a free cash back program. Earn cash back for purchasing certain products. Learn more
  • Check your binders – Usually used in conjunction with NLA, meaning that the coupon was offered at one time but is not available now so check the coupons you have in case you printed it in the past.
  • CNP – Coupon near product – similar to a blinkie but not from a machine
  • CO or C/O  – cents off
  • Coupon – a document that can be exchanged for a financial discount, usually off a particular product
  • Coupon Database – CDB – A database to search for a specific coupon or to find out if there is a coupon for a product or brand.
  • – Privately held company founded in 1998, offering printable coupons and other promotions.
  • Savings Club – In addition to the free coupons available, had this paid service offering additional coupons for products we normally don’t see coupons for or higher value coupons than those available for free. Cost is approx $3/mo but they often have a 30 day free trial to try it out. They ended this program after only a little over a year.
  • Coupon Fairy – A person who leaves coupons in the store near products. Also refers to one who gives coupons to people in general.
  • Coupon Policy – The document and/or guidlines by which each store/chain follows regarding coupons. This will normally provide answers about coupon limit and what type of coupons a store will accept. Most have their rules posted online.
  • CPN – coupon – A voucher entitling the holder to a discount off a particular product.
  • CQ – Competitor’s coupon.
  • CRT – Cash register tape, usually used when discussing CVS coupons that print with receipt
  • Creative Couponing – fraud (see also Glittering / Glitter couponing and Balanced couponing) – A made up term to justify incorrect and fraudulent use of coupons. By taking advantage of Manufacturers’ coding format and/or errors, coupons are abused by being used on items they are not meant for because they will scan at the register. This may include use on improper sizes, forms, or products made by a manufacturer. This is NOT a proper way to use coupons. Please follow all restrictions in the wording of the coupons and product descriptions.
  • CS – Customer Service
  • CVS – CVS Pharmacy – Largest pharmacy store chain in the US – more

cvs store


letter d

  • DD – Dear daughter –  Chat slang used on comments/message boards. Also means dead deal when an offer is no longer valid due to coupon expiration, coupon no longer available for print, or does not meet the terms of the sale or coupon. May also mean dumpster dive, as in rummaging through dumpsters or recycle bins to find coupons that others may have thrown out.
  • DH – Dear husband/Darling husband – Chat slang used on comments/message boards
  • DIL – Daughter in Law – Chat slang used on comments/message boards
  • DND – Do not double/Does not double – Sometimes found on specific manufacturers coupons.
  • Doubled/Double coupon – a coupon redeemed for double the face value, depends on store policy.  Many stores will double coupons for $0.50 or less giving you a deduction of double that amount.
  • DQ – Digital Coupon – Usually a coupon loaded to a particular store card.
  • DS – Dear son – Chat slang used on comments/message boards


letter e

  • EA – Each
  • E-Coupons – Electronic coupons that can be loaded directly on to your store loyalty card or cell phone
  • ECBs – Extra Care Bucks – CVS buyers reward program. CVS cash coupons that print at bottom of receipts that you can then use as cash in your next purchase at any CVS store

Extra Care Bucks

  • ETS – Excludes trial/travel size
  • Eversave Eversave is one of the top savings websites in America. They negotiate low prices with businesses to bring limited time offers to consumers. Obsolete Now
  • Exp – Expires/Expiration date


letter f

  • FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions. Question and answer to clarify details of a policy or program etc
  • FAR – Free After Rebate – The item will be free after you consider the price paid less the rebate you receive.
  • FB – Facebook – social media
  • Filler – Refers to an item purchased to comply with a coupon policy or a specific coupon.  Some stores may require the count of individual purchased items to meet or exceed the number of coupons used.  Also, filler items may be used to get the total up to a certain amount in order to use a dollar/percentage off coupon requiring a minimum purchase. 

(i.e. $5 off your $50 purchase. If your total is $49, you need a filler item for at least a dollar)

(i.e. At Walgeen’s, you need to have as many items as you have manufacturer’s coupons and register rewards that you are going to be using to pay for the  items. This means if you are buying 5 items and have 5 coupons and 1 register rewards that you want to use to pay for the transaction, you’ll need one filler item to get the total items up to 6. You can buy something as small as a piece of bubble gum as long as it rings up as a separate item.)

  • FS – Free Shipping – Refers to online store orders
  • FSOT – For sale or trade
  • FWIW – For what it’s worth. Chat lingo usually used in comments or forums.
  • FYI – for your information



letter g

  • GAF or GAB – Green Advantage Flyer or Green Advantage Buy flyer – Publix’s grocery flyer with sales and coupons (independant of the weekly sales ad). New one comes out every 3 weeks. Also called the green grocery flyer.
  • GC – Gift Card or Gift Certificate
  • GDA – Good Deal Alert
  • Glitch – an error or loophole in register scanning, price programming, coding on products or coupons, resulting in a price or outcome that is not intended by the manufacturer, store, or brand. Please note that advertising or taking advantage of these type of errors can and will eventually result in negative impacts to the companies and ultimately us, the consumers.Please do not support those who exploit these “glitches”, and who benefit from the negative impact it has on companies.
  • Glittering / Glitter Couponing – fraud (see also balanced couponing, glitching and creative couponing) – A made up term to justify incorrect and fraudulent use of coupons. By exploiting Manufacturers’ coding format weaknesses and/or errors (or glitches), coupons are abused by being used on items they are not meant for because they will still scan at the register. This may include use on improper sizes, forms, or products made by a manufacturer. This is NOT a proper way to use coupons. Please follow all restrictions in the wording of the coupons and product descriptions.
  • GM – General Mills, usually  referring  to the General Mills insert in the Sunday paper.
  • Groupon – Discount site that features daily bargains on things to do, see, eat, or buy



letter h

  • HBA – Health and Beauty Aids. Category of products or section of store related to non-food, including shampoo, lotion, etc
  • Hopster or Hopster coupon – Hopster offers printable manufacturer coupons.  Coupons are available to print at the original offered value or you can “boost” the value higher by using points you earn on the site when performing small tasks (liking on Facebook, taking a poll, subscribing to newsletters, etc)
  • HTHangtag – a tag hanging from an item that includes information and/or a coupon.  Also sometimes referred to as a wine tag.
  • HTH – Hope that helps!  Chat slang usually used on comments and message boards.



letter i


  • Ibotta Ibotta is a Free smart phone app – users earn cash for products purchased. Learn more.
  • IE – Internet Explorer browser
  • IG – Instagram (Social Network, picture based)
  • IMHO – In my humble opinion – Chat lingo usually used in comments and message boards
  • Inserts Coupons packets found in Sunday newspapers  , generally RedPlum and SmartSource but  occasionally  P&G, GM or others. 
  • In-Ad / IA – Coupons that come in the weekly store ad, most likely found by the entrance of that particular store.
  • IMO – In my opinion – Chat lingo usually used in comments and message boards
  • IP / IPQ – Internet printable coupon
  • IRL – In real life (as opposed to an internet presence usually)
  • ISO = In Search Of – Chat lingo usually used in comments and message boards regarding something that person is looking for (coupons, deals)
  • IVC – Instant Value Coupon – Walgreens’ store coupons found in monthly booklets and ads



letter J

  • JFY – Just for you – Two common meanings – 1. The load to card coupon offers for Safeway card holders tied to their accounts that they can load to their card for extra discounts at the register.  2. The CVS “just for you” percent off purchase coupons that members receive, usually via email, that allows them to take an additional percent off all regular priced items they purchase in one transaction.
  • JIT – Just in time – Chat lingo used in comments/message boards
  • JK – Just kidding –   Chat lingo used in comments/message boards
  • JMO – Just my opinion – Chat lingo used in comments/message boards



letter k

  • K – Kellogg’s
  • KFRKellogg’s Family Rewards – Enter codes from products you buy to earn points. Redeem points for prizes such as high value coupons, gift cards, and more.
  • Kmart – National Retail Store
  • Kroger – Grocery stores located throughout the Midwestern and Southern US. It is also the parent to other stores such as Ralph’s in CA. – more


  • Like – Refers to a Facebook feature that allows users to show their support of an article, comment, or post without having to make a written comment.
  • LMAO – Laugh(ing) my *ss off – Chat lingo usually used in comments/message boards
  • LOL – Laugh(ing) out loud – Chat lingo usually used in comments/message boards
  • Lowes – Refers to either Lowes Foods grocery store chain or Lowe’s Home Improvement stores
  • Loyalty Card –  A card you sign up for at the particular store where you shop, usually offering you additional discount prices/savings.




  • Matchups – A listing of available coupons that “match” the specific items listed, usually in a store sales ad, that can further reduce the purchase price. 
  • MCR – My Coke Rewards. Enter in codes on their website from coke products in exchange for points to spend on prizes/coupons
  • MF / MFG / MFR – Manufacturer – Usually refering to a coupon offered by the product manufacturer as opposed to a coupon offered by the store
  • MIR – Mail in Rebate – Offer that requires you to mail a completed form and usually a receipt and UPC proving you purchased a specific item in return for some amount of money back.
  • MobiSaveMobiSave is a cash back phone app where you redeem offers by selecting one or more of the many changing offers, submitting a picture of an itemized receipt that includes the offer purchased from any store, and getting that offer amount in your Paypal
  • MM – Money Maker – Refers to the total coupon value credit at register for a particular item being more than the original cost of the item. 
  • MQ – Manufacturer coupon
  • MRP – Manufacturer’s retail price



letter n

  • NAZ – Name, Address, Zipcode
  • NCB – No cash back
  • NCR – Not coupon related
  • NED – No expiration date
  • Net Cost – Final cost after sale, discounts, coupons, rewards and cash back offers have been deducted
  • NIB – New in box
  • NIP – New in package
  • NLA – No longer available – Usually  referring  to an IP coupon that was available at one time but has reached the limit of prints specified by the manufacturer
  • NP – No problem. Chat lingo used in online conversation, forums, comments.
  • NSL or NSR – No size limit/restriction


letter o

  •  OOP – Out of pocket – The cash you actually pay to the cashier after coupons/discounts
  • OOS – Out of stock – none of that item currently in the store (sold out)
  • OP – Original poster – Person originating the thread or topic in a forum or social group
  • OTC – Over the counter, referring to medication products sold in store with no prescription needed
  • OYNO / OYNP – On your next order / On your next purchase 
  • OVERAGE – Same as “moneymaker”. Coupon amount exceeds item price resulting in a reduction against the total of your transaction or cash back in some stores.


letter p

  • PAF/PAB – Purple Advantage Flyer or Purple Advantage Buy flyer. Publix’s Healthy & Beauty flyer with sales and coupons (independent of weekly sales ad). New one comes out every 3 weeks.
  • Peelie  – Coupons found on actual products that you “peel” off to use
  • PG or P&G  – Proctor and Gamble Company or usually refering to the Proctor & Gamble Sunday newpaper insert
  • PITA – Chat lingo/slang for someone that was being difficult, stands for “pain in the a** (behind  )
  • PM – Price Match. One store reducing your register price to match the lower price at another store. Can also mean private message if used in chat/forum.
  • POP – Proof of Purchase – bar code located on product
  • PP – Purchase price or Paypal
  • PPFF – Paypal friends and family, payment method choice in paypal transactions. This method does not cost additional fees to the sender  or receiver unlike payment to a seller for goods which charges the seller a fee. Transactions between buyer and sellers do not fit into the category of friends and family free transactions but often sellers will ask for that to avoid fees. The drawback is that there is no help with any claims if something goes wrong..
  • Printable  – Internet printable coupon – print from your computer
  • PSA  – Price starting at – the lowest priced product
  • Publix – American supermarket chain founded in 1930 with stored operating in AL, FL, GA, SC, NC, and TN – more
  • PQ – Publix coupon or sometimes short for printable coupon. Depends on the context.


letter q

  •   Q or Qs or Qpon– Coupons – lazy way to write it!

letter r

  • R – Regional – denoting a coupon or deal available in only a specific area
  • RAK or RAOKRandom Act of Kindness
  • RC – Rain Check – signed slip from store allowing an item to be purchased at sale prices in the future when item is no longer on sale. Received from store when the particular sale item is sold out at the time of your visit. Not all stores write RC’sraincheck_angelsoft
  • Rebate – An offer by the manufacturer to try a product and then submit the proof (usually the UPC and/or receipt) to get all or some of the purchase price back. These can be MIR’s or or sometimes submitted online or via email.
  • RedPlum – see “RP” below
  • Rite Aid – Drugstore chain – largest on the East Coast and third largest in the US – more
  • ROFL – Rolling on floor laughing – chat lingo usually used in comments or message boards
  • Rolling – usually refers to the expiration date on a printable coupon that corresponds to a number of days after you print it. ( ie: If you print it today, the expiration will be sooner than if you print it tomorrow) Also may refer to using rewards earned in one transaction to pay for another transaction.
  • RP – RedPlum – coupon insert found in Sunday paper
  • RP Printable Printable coupons from RedPlum website

Walgreens Register Rewards

  • RR or RRs – Register Rewards  –  Walgreens catalina rewards that print with receipt.


letter s

  • Safeway – American Fortune 500 company, second largest supermarket chain in North America – more
  • SAHM – Stay at home mom – chat lingo usually used in comments or on message boards
  • SASE – Self addressed stamped envelope
  • Savings Catcher – see ‘Walmart Savings catcher’ below
  • SavingStar – The SavingStar digital e-coupons and cash back mall gives you cash back for grocery purchases (at participating stores) or online purchases made
  • SCO – Self Check Out – special register in-store where the customer scans, bags, and pays without a cashier.
  • SCR – Single Check Rebate – Rite Aid monthly rebates program – no longer available.   Rite Aid ended this in December of 2012
  • Shelf Clearer – Term used to describe a person/couponer that buys all the products on the shelf.  Not meant toward a person that buys the last several items but more for those that buy a very large quantity.
  • ShopKickShopKick is a smart phone app for additional store discounts
  • Shopmium – Free app – users earn cash back for products purchased. Learn More
  • SIL – Son in Law – Abbreviation usually used in comments or message boards
  • Smartsource – see “SS” below
  • SMH – Shaking my head – Chat lingo usually used in comments or message boards
  • SMP – specially marked package
  • SNAP –  Snap is a free smart phone cash back app – users earn cash for products purchased
  • SQ – Store Coupon
  • SS – SmartSource – coupon insert in Sunday newspaper
  • SS Printable SmartSource internet printable coupons
  • Stack/stacking  – Using a store coupon and a manufacturer coupon on a single item to get an even lower price
  • Stockpile – The combined items or storage area for large quantities of extra stock. The storage area of items purchased through the process of couponing that are not currently being used.



letter t

  • Target – Second largest discount retailer in the US behind Walmart.
  • Target Cartwheel or TC- see Cartwheel above
  • Tearpad – A pad of coupons or rebate near a product or on display
  • TCC – The Couponing Couple (this website!)
  • TIA – Thanks in advance – Chat lingo usually used in comments or message boards
  • TMF – Try me free – some products have a mail in rebate that refunds the money you spent on the purchase to get you to try the product
  • TMI – Too much information
  • TP – Tear pad (or Toilet Paper or Toothpaste, depending on where it’s used)
  • TQShort form of writing Target Coupon
  • TY – Thank You – Chat lingo usually used in comments or message boards

letter u

  • UFT Up for trade, used by someone wanting to trade specific coupons they have for some they don’t have.
  • UPC – Universal product code, bar code on product. Usually required to send with MIR or scan for Ibotta cash
  • UpromiseUpromise is an online cash back program that   partners with many online and local retailers rewarding you for your purchases at stores, restaurants and gas stations.  It also has monthly ecoupons for groceries and personal items to load to your store loyalty cards for which you will received deposits when redeeming at your store.
  • UPR, UPs or +UPs Rewards – Rite Aid reward program. Store “cash” received at the bottom of your Rite Aid receipt.


letter v

  • Vlassis – Marketing company that distributes the RedPlum coupons
  • VV – Video Value, printable Rite Aid coupon that becomes available for you to print after watching a short video about products


letter w

  • WAGS – Short for Walgreens Pharmacy Store
  • Walgreens – Largest drug retailing chain in the US, operating in all 50 states, DC, PR and Guam – more
  • Walmart –  Sometimes referred to as Wally World. Multinational retail corporation, running discount department stores and warehouse stores – more
  • Walmart Savings Catcher – Part of the Walmart APP or use from your desktop. Scan Walmart receipts after purchase and it compares paid prices to competitor ads and gives you the difference on a store e-gift card. (check out our test trip and explanation here)
  • WSL – While supplies last
  • WT – Winetag – Coupon hanging from a product
  • WYB – When you buy


letter x

  • X – Sometimes used in place of the word expiration or could mean multiples as in 2 times (X2 or 2x)


letter y

  • YMMV – Your Mileage May Vary, which means you may or may not get the same results at your store, depending on the coupon policy, your coupon value or how they interpret the coupon.


letter z


TCC Facebook Groups

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