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about us

Strangely enough, as much as we dislike most episodes of the show “Extreme Couponing”, watching that show one night sparked our interest. We were curious about what we could put together for a shopping list. We’re two smart cookies so we figured if they could do it, so could we.  After learning the lingo, studying the store coupon policies, and searching through many of the couponing sites on the net, we put together a list and reviewed the savings percentage with a smile.  At the first store check out with coupons, we were hooked when we handed the cashier $11 for over $100 worth of food!

extreme couponing

I’m sure it’s the challenge of it that keeps us clipping coupons and putting together lists of matchups with store sales since it all takes a bit of work,  but the great thing is that we not only enjoy the challenge, we enjoy it TOGETHER.

After collecting quite a stockpile of food and personal items (we call a room downstairs our “grocery store”), we began donating to a local ministry that distributes the items to qualifying families that need assistance. Donation CJ I’d like to say we are doing it for them, but the simple fact is that we gain a lot by doing it.  It’s a great feeling! We’ve even managed to get our boys involved in the donation process and our youngest loves getting to make his own toy donation each week!

We have been married since 1991, and because of our team work we have two fabulous boys that we are very proud of. We have found that the extreme couponing challenge is yet one more thing that has required much team work and is something we love to do together.. and brag about it!! Do we disagree about the best deals, how many to buy, what color the theme of the blog should be?? Absolutely! But in the end he realizes that “she” is always right and everything moves right along! (kidding… perhaps “always” is a bit of a stretch) 🙂

We started this chapter as a challenge and it has now become about helping others, not only by donating the great deals we are able to get but also by trying to reach out to more people to give a little help in their saving endeavors!  Happy Saving!


The Couponing Couple… AKA Tommy & Michelle