$ 300 August Giveaway ~ You could win $300 for our Blogiversary | TCC

$ 300 August Giveaway ~ You could win $300 for our Blogiversary

300 August Giveaway

Enter to WIN $ 300 August Giveaway

We just can’t believe it’s been 1 year since The Couponing Couple went live! To celebrate our 1 year blog-iversary in August, we’ve created our biggest giveaway to date! We’re having a $ 300 August Giveaway payable via Paypal or Amazon credit and you can start getting entries in now and every day through the end of August!


Whether you’ve been with us since the beginning or you’re new here, we sure appreciate you visiting our little home on the web and we would love to see comments from you here and on The Couponing Couple Facebook Page!  Share this with your friends and family on Facebook and other social media.  The more interest we have, the better chance of more monthly giveaways!

There are several opportunities for multiple and daily entries to increase your chances so be sure to stop by each day!

  • Easy Entry for all TheCouponingCouple fans on Facebook or if you are not a Fan become one – This will entitle you to 1 free Entry and qualify you to earn additional entries with the activities below.
  • Lets have some fun. Leave a comment on this blog post telling us what you like about our Blog! – Earns 5 Entries
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  • We will post to Facebook and tweet a special giveaway code every day. Simply find that code and enter it to earn 10 additional entries everyday!

Just register below to start earning entries for the $300 giveaway! Remember the more entries you earn the greater your chances of winning.

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    Thanks for your site with all the info and thanks for my chance to enter this giveaway. I would do so much better in these giveaways if they picked the winners in alphabetical order since my initials are A.A. lol

    • Stacy Alexander

      Of course I use my nickname to register so in this case my initials are S.A. ha ha ha

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